Why do we need an innovation district?


This thriving area surrounding the Oklahoma Health Center is ripe for new development and has demonstrated success in incubating startup businesses. The city’s bioscience sector that has clustered in that area offers a strong anchor point for future development, and Oklahoma City civic, elected and business leaders already have shown their ability to work together to re-imagine some of its urban areas.

Just look at the revitalization spurred by the Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS) and the transformation of Bricktown and the various districts around the city.

The innovation district, with its clear strengths and assets, focuses on an area that has a lot of potential to bring together a community, attract new companies and employees and enhance an area.

Deep dive with links, resources

As the Chamber and Oklahoma City community continues to work with Brookings and Project for Public Spaces about placemaking and innovation districts, here are some helpful links and resources for those interested in this public and how it could affect them:

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